2013 Aston Martin DB9 Review

In this modern era of technological advancements, a greater
number of people now tends to love owning at least a single
luxury automotive in their homes, including the much adorable
2013 Aston Martin DB9. This car has a design
that is way beyond your wildest imaginations and expectations.
With an eye to win the tough battle over its competitors, Aston
Martin made the decision to give this baby a very
sophisticated, stylish and lovable appearance. Moreover, this
version is designed in such a way that it fully abides the
green-living campaign which has been promoted over the years.


Aston Martin DB9

When compared to other previous  versions, several
adjustments have been made to its exteriors. These include turn
signals and headlights with L.E.D. technology as well as sonar
sensors which are flush mounted to the redesigned front
bumpers. Aston Martin has also adorned chrome to the side
mirror housing of the 2013 Aston Martin DB9.  A new
color-palette that comes in colors such as Dakar bronze, mocha
almond and black imperial will be introduced.

The  Aston Martin DB9 2013 has an extremely dynamic shape
with a rounded front, gradually sloping roof, steeply raked
windshield and high truncated trail. Aston Martin will retain
that shape and work to make it more slippery to slice through
the air with the use of less energy than before. The model has
a new platform that unlocks sportier proportions. It is lower,
wider, has shorter overhangs despite having a longer wheelbase,
headroom and less load space. It also has chunkier bumpers,
lower grille and 4 LED lights.


Aston Martin DB9

Its interiors are designed to provide nothing but complete
luxury. It is reasonably spacious to treat the passengers to
ultimate comfort. The interior features classic colors and
design as well. The new model is set to feature a greater
variety of high quality material which have undergone better
stitching. It has 2 full size color monitors that handle its
complexity with the screening images of your hand so as to help
you in using the controlling touch pad without necessarily
looking down. The sat-navigation guides you via real images
while the window tints adjusts so as to suit the varying
privacy needs.

The new model also has surface heating that eliminates some air
vents. The system uses a separate electric motor on its rear
axle to add supplemental rear wheel drive which are powered by
the battery pack. It will get newer technology in both optional
and standard trims. These are adaptive lights which lower the
beam automatically when other vehicles approach as well as an
advanced collision-warning platform.

Moreover, it has lane-departure, blind spot, cruise control and
break assist warning platforms. The new model will drip with
amazing gadgets. Its head up display incorporates an augmented
reality that relays information about the surrounding. The next
step in autonomous driving will be the auto ban mode that will
make the car drive up to 80 MPH. the ride refinement and magic
body control will be spectacular with cameras spy undulations
and car hydraulically adjusting the damping so as to dial out
bumps. It will feature a range of refreshing colors notably
brown, black and black combined with wood. New systems include
entertainment systems, sound systems and automatic
climate-control systems.


Aston Martin DB9

All the models of the 2013 Aston Martin DB 9
are set to be powered by a 5.6 liter AM 11 V 12 engine which
thrusts 510-horsepower as well as 620 pound ft. of torque. A
7-speed transmission system will be used in the transmission of
power to either the 4 wheels or the back wheels. The engine has
a fuel capacity of 20.6 gallons and delivers ample power that
can tow 8500 pounds. This great car has a
acceleration 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds and top speed of
190 mph. It however has a poor fuel economy standing lowly at
13 MPG in city driving and 19 MPG in highway driving.

Aston Martin DB9


Aston Martin still hope it will attract more customers but as
one of the brand`s most visible models, it could break or make
Aston Martin’s new styling philosophy. The 2013 Aston
Martin DB9
was launched in 2013. It is estimated to
cost $ 185 000.