2015 Toyota Camry, Release date, Price

The new 2015 Toyota Camry is a car that
has been designed to provide both high performance and
comfort. This is facilitated by the various features of
the car with some of these features being new while
others have been borrowed from the previous models.
Therefore, people who will be driving this car can look
forward to enjoy driving a quality car.


2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota has improved the looks of this
new  Toyota Camry 2015 by
incorporating LED front running lamps and auto leveling
lamps for the high and low beams. The grille of this car
has been made to look more frown therefore giving the car
a sportier look. On the rear the tail lights have been
redesigned making them tapper with the side sheet metal.
There is also a read chrome bar which runs across the
trunk. The size of the wheels is eighteen inches while
that of the trunk will be about 3ft wide which is ample
to carry light language. The other dimensions of this car
are expected to be almost the same compared to those of
the previous Toyota Camry model but this new model will
be about four centimeters longer than the previous model.


2015 Toyota Camry

Inside this car there also some adjustments such as the
upper side of the dashboard having a soft touch trims
which gives the dash board a more high tech look. The
area ahead of the shift knob has also been endowed with a
bin to keep personal electronic. On the dashboard there
is a USB port and a wireless charging pad. On the
entertainment and connectivity aspects of this car there
is a seven inch touch screen audio and information system
with Bluetooth hands free calling and audio streaming.
This screen is also used to also monitor other introduced
features on the dashboard such as forward collision
warning, lane departure and blind spot monitoring.

The engine

2015 Toyota Camry

This new Toyota Camry will be
powered by a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine or a 3.5
liter v-6 engine. These engines will be optional
depending on the buyer’s preference and they will be
hooked to a 6 speed automatic transmission. The horse
power of this engine is 178 and will a slightly lower rpm
torque than the previous model. The fuel economy of this
engine is 25/35mpg which means it will be moderately fuel
efficient. Amongst the other things that are on the
engine include unique shock absorbers, higher rate coil
springs and firmer bushing.

Price and release date

The company has announced that it will be releasing this
2015 Toyota Camry to the dealers this fall. The price of
this car will be $34, 475 which is a fair price
considering all the features that this car is endowed