2016 Ford Focus RS

The much anticipated 2016 Ford Focus RS is a
third-generation Focus RS and
The third generation Ford Focus RS follows a long line of
affordable but high-performance family of vehicles which
started with 15M RS. As the first Focus RS to be released
globally, it has been designed keeping the international
audience in mind.


2016 Ford Focus RS
The Mega-hatch car sports a 5 door layout and an exterior that
appears to be a heavily modified Focus ST. Compared to its
predecessors, the RS badging has seen some reduction on the
sides and the blue RS letters have been moved to rear spoiler`s
end plates. The wide-open front directs massive amounts of air
to radiator and intercooler. Two outboard openings, on either
side of front, supply air for cooling the heavy-duty Brembo
brakes which hover menacingly beside the 19 inch wheels. The
openings also house a pair of fog lights. The flared nose and
wheel-arches give this beast an aggressive look but in
comparison to the previous models, it certainly has a slightly
relaxed feel to cater to international demand.


2016 Ford Focus RS interior
Ford has clearly worked hard to give this beast a truly racing
look. Apart from the Recaro sports seats, a flat-bottomed
steering wheel and the ubiquitous RS Badges already available
in the standard model, the Asian and European models come with
the option of Recaro shell seats. Voice commands and/or an
8-inch touchscreen can be used to control the audio system,
GPS, satellite navigation, climate control system or even
smartphones. The advanced SYNC connectivity is truly awesome
and a simple command “Find a race track” provides the
directions to nearest public circuit. Another set of
instruments above the center console display boost pressure,
oil temperature and oil pressure.


2016 Ford Focus RS boasts a 2.3-litre
four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine which delivers 316
hp (according to some sources even 345 hp ) via 4WD. In
comparison to the EcoBoost engine already available in the
Mustang, this version has an uprated intercooler, new
twin-scroll turbocharges and a bespoke exhaust system with an
electronically controlled tailpipe valve. Top speed of the
new Focus RS is about 170 mph (270 km / h) and accelerates 0-60
mph (0-100 km / h) in less than 5 sec.

The new electronically controlled twin-clutch four-wheel drive
system can distribute 70 percent of torque to rear wheels. The
ability to redirect 100 percent of that rear-channeled torque
to either of the individual wheels gives the vehicle an
incredible steering response and great pull out of the corner.
Adding to this, the Ford’s latest Dynamic Torque Vectoring
system keeps the car safe and stable all the way through a
difficult bend.

2016 Ford Focus
 Price and Release Data

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is expected to
sell at around $38,000 – $43,000 in U.S and about €32,000 –
€36,000 in the European Markets.

Ford has clearly left no stone unturned, be it the
international launch or the highly-sportive look, in making
this machine a worthy rival to its competitors, the likes of
which includes Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru WRX STI, Audi RS3,
Mercedes A 45 AMG and Honda Civic Type R. Beginning of
sales is expected late this summer.




Ford has announced price for 2016 Ford Focus RS, which will
total $ 35.730 for US market. This is slightly lower than the
rates that we previously announced, but we expect the right
information when the car appears on the market in early 2016.