2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota is the latest automaker to try its hands on a “Shooting
Brake”. It follows closely after the likes of Ferrari who
renamed their shooting brake GTC4
Lusso and
Mercedes-Benz’s CLA Shooting Brake. While the two models
are meant to arrive shortly in the market and appeal to the
high-end market, the 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake is just a
concept based on the Toyota GT86
meant to gauge whether the common market is ready for an
affordable “Shooting Brake”. However, it is rather confusing
why Toyota has decided to make this concept bearing in mind
Subaru showcased a shooting brake based on the Subaru BRZ which
is the twin brother of the Scion FR-S and
the GT86.

The vehicle is the hard work of Australia’s design team which
greatly attracted Tetsuya Tada, the chief designer of the GT86
sports car. Tada was stricken by the design such that he had
the design team at the headquarters in Japan build a functional
model.  Tada loved the designs practicability where the
roof can be used to carry many things such as bikes for a
weekend getaway while its trunks have a larger opening for
easier access.


2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Exterior

The front half of the 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept
 is identical to the Toyota GT86 Sports Coupe. The
Australia team had debated for long what to change in the GT86
but finally agreed to alter much of the iconic GT86 exterior
design.  They only redesigned the roof and the rear
fascia, everything else is identical to the GT86. To start
with, the deck lid on the GT86 has been discarded in favor of a
tailgate to provide a wider space for easier access to the


On the other hand, the designers completely redesigned the
roof, the rear fenders as well as the rear fascia. However,
they retained the GT86 taillights, rear bumper as well as the
trapezoid-shaped license plate recess. Door windows have been
redesigned where the tiny quarter windows on the GT86 now
feature full-size glass panels. The rear also features a flat
rear window. All in all, Toyota Australia has created a
functional design that has a practical roof that enables owners
to carry bikes, surfboards or other heavy luggage for a
fun-filled weekend getaway.

All in all, Toyota Australia has created a functional design
that has a practical roof that enables owners to carry bikes,
surfboards or other heavy luggage for a fun-filled weekend


2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Interior

Like many concepts before it, Toyota didn’t reveal the interior
styling of the Toyota 86 Shooting Brake. However, in case the
model makes it to production, I don’t expect its cabin to
change much from that of the standard GT 86 Sports car.

The only difference will be on the rear where the vehicle will
offer more cargo space and headroom for rear passengers. The
automaker could even decide to do away with the rear seats to
offer a larger cargo space.


2017 Toyota GT86 Coupe Interior

Engine and performance

We don’t know what Toyota has placed under the hood of the 86
Shooting Brake. However, since the model is heavily based on
the standard GT86, it is safe to assume that the Shooting Brake
is also motivated by the GT86’s mill.

I am talking about the 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine. This engine
produces 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. Though this power is
not as much as other shooting Brakes from other brands offer,
it will be affordably priced, that is if it makes it into


Release Date

As it is, don’t expect to see the Toyota 86 Shooting Brake
anytime soon on the streets. Tada observed that the car is just
a concept that highlights Toyota’s commitment to produce fun to
drive cars. He also hinted that there is a chance the vehicle
will see the light of day but not in the near future.