2017 Audi Q2

Audi has seen its traditional rivals churn out every
conceivable size and shape of crossover SUVs without a
befitting response.  This is because Audi has been
enjoying the success of the Q3,
Q5 and
Q7 to
care about adding other models in the lineup.

However its competitors have been raking in profits in other
classes which the automaker has been missing out. This is set
to be a thing of the past as Audi is planning a rapid expansion
program of its SUV lineup. This expansion begins with a new
crossover dubbed the “ 2017 Audi Q2 ”.

The new model which made its maiden debut at the Geneva Auto
Show this week targets the younger generation of buyers far;
much younger than the Q3.

I believe this model would be perfect for the US market but
Audi is not planning to ship the Q2 across the Atlantic, at
least not anytime soon.


2017 Audi Q2 Exterior

The new 2017 Audi Q2 looks more like a high-riding hatch than a
crossover SUV. The 5-door lightweight SUV ushers in Audi’s new
design language. At only 13.7 ft long, 5.9 ft wide and with a
wheelbase of 8.5 ft, the Q2 looks diminutive.

The automaker has crafted the model with form-hardened steel
which result in improved strength without excessive weight
buildup. It weighs only 2656 lbs. Despite its small size, the
Q2 is equipped to handle off-roads with an ESC Off-road mode
which is complemented by a 20-cm ground clearance level.


At the front, the Q2 looks pretty interesting. Its grille
features a polygon shape with large honeycombs and is finished
in a satin trim. The satin trim is extended to the lower
fascia. The grille is flanked by stylish looking LED
headlights. There is a single character line that starts at the
headlights and splits into two below the A-pillar. The two
lines then run parallel before merging together just by the
rear door handle. The parallel lines produce a flat space that
makes the Q2 unique. Its windscreen is moderately sloped.

A t the rear, the Q2 features the satin chrome trimming on the
lower bumper. There are also large LED taillights which
dominate the rear. However, the rear window looks small and
with the large C-pillars, the crossover will have a constrained
rear view but there is a backup camera to aid in that front..

The Q2 can be had in 10 body colors. The model rides on stylish
20-spoke 19-inch wheels with a silver metallic. This design
makes the present trend of blacked out rims look pretty



2017 Audi Q2 Interior

The interior is as you would expect of Audi. It features a
minimalist dash with 4 round air vents, an infotainment system
that pops out of the dash and a gauge cluster hood. The upper
and the lower dash are separated by a satin chrome
accenting.  The dash is also fitted with a number of
switches. For convenience, the center console has a storage
space that can fit two drinks. Except for two toggle switches
and Menu and Back buttons, the only hard buttons left, other
inputs are done via a rotary control knob.


The cabin is also fitted with a 12.3-inch screen similar to the
one on the R8 and the
The screen displays speedometer and tachometer in its prominent
display while entertainment and map screens are displayed on
the sides. The settings can also be adjusted to have
entertainment and map screens at the center and the two gauges
on the sides.

The new model also does introduce a new color scheme for Audi.
The lower dashboard and door panels are finished in a teal
color which makes the cabin dark but less dreary. It also adds
a unique look to the cockpit. Audiophiles are not left out as
the Q2 comes with an optional Bang Olufsen audio system with 14
speakers and is rated with 705 watts of power. The cabin is
illuminated by LED light strips that glow white at night.


 Engine Specs

Audi offers not one or two but 6 different engines which
include 3 TFSI and 3 TDI engines. Their power output range from
116 hp to 190 hp. Their displacement ranges between 1.0 L and
2.0 L. The automaker says the reason for the many engines is
based on the principle of right sizing. The principle involves
striking a perfect balance between a models class, engine
displacement, torque and power output as well as fuel

The TFSI engines include; 1.0 L, 3-cylinder unit capable of 116
hp. Next is a 1.4 L, 4-cylinder engine with cylinder
deactivation. It is rated at 150 hp. The most potent TFSI
engine is a 2.0 L4-cylinder engine which produces 190 hp.


Moving over to TDI diesel engines, the first mill is a 1.6 L
4-cylinder that also produces 116 hp. The second diesel engine
is a 2.0 L 4-cylinder rated at 150 hp. This engine is also
tweaked differently to produce 190 hp. All engines will either
be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed S tronic
dual-clutch transmission. However, the 2.0 LTFSI and 2.0 L TDI
feature a newly developed dual clutch transmission which has a
large spread of gear ratios as well as a high level of

All models are offered with progressive steering. A Quattro
permanent AWD system comes as standard with the 2.0 TDI and
TFSI engines and as an option with the 1.4 L TFSI and 2.0 L TDI
with 150 hp. Audi drive select handling system is offered as an
option. It features 4 driving modes (auto, comfort, dynamic and
efficiency). Adding a MMI radio adds an individual mode.


Price and release date

When it hits the market, the 2017 Audi Q2 will be Audi’s most
affordable crossover slotting below the Q3. As such, expect a
price below the Q3’S €29,600 ($33,225) in Europe. It is not yet
clear whether the Q2 will come to the states. The automaker
will announce official prices closer to its on-sale date in the
fall of this year (2016).

Picture from 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Picture from 2016 Geneva Motor Show


A segment of small luxury crossovers is quickly taking
shape.  BMW too is also planning to launch a compact
crossover set to be released this year also. The model is
christened the BMW X2. It will now be just a matter of time
before Mercedes follows suit.