2017 Ford Fiesta ST200

During this week’s Geneva Auto show, Ford stole the limelight
and not because of a futuristic looking model or a supercar
with a hot-smoking engine, rather by showcasing a stylish hatch
which everyone can afford. At one of the Fords display stands
stood the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200. The new model expands the
standard ST Fiesta which made its debut in Europe in 2013.

The unveiling left many people sulking in disappointment as
they expected Ford to add a Fiesta RS on the lineup. However,
there is no need to sulk as the ST200 is worth the money. The
model has been enhanced to offer greater power and better
handling at an attractive price.


2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 Exterior

On the outside, the ST200 looks largely unchanged from the base
Fiesta ST. Just as with the ST the ST200 exterior profile looks
aggressive. At the front, the hatch features a huge honeycomb
grille which has a black paint finish. The grille is flanked by
redesigned headlights which look slimmer compared with those of
the base ST.  Below the grille is a modified bumper which
integrates air intakes and fog lights.

The sides look identical to the Fiesta ST. Going around its
rear; you will find redesigned twin exhaust pipes which have a
chrome finish. There is also a black and gray painted
diffuser.  The hatch runs on 5-spoke black matte 17-inch
alloy wheels with red brake calipers.

Overall, the vehicle rides 15 mm lower which has improved its
center of gravity. This is courtesy of the addition of a
fine-tuned front and rear suspensions dampers and springs.


2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 Interior

Except for a few styling cues, the cabin of the ST200 is
identical to that of the base ST.  The cabin is stylish
and comfortable. The hatch accommodates five passengers on its
Recaro seats similar to those of the ST. The seats are
upholstered in Charcoal colored leather trim which is
contrasted with a silver stitching. Its seatbelts have a silver
detailing while its scuff plates are illuminated.

The layout of the door handles, window and door mirror controls
has been altered.  The door handle is placed on the middle
of the armrest while mirror and window controls have been
shifted to the front. On the ST, the door handle used to be
close to the front with window and mirror controls further
back. The changes result in a cleaner look.

The dashboard, instrument cluster and steering wheel are
unchanged. The control knob of its infotainment system is also
larger. There is also an ST200 badge on its center console just
below its climate control panel. Other features of the standard
Fiesta ST remain.

In terms of safety, the hatch features an adapted front
steering knuckle, 3-mode electronic stability control, improved
torque vectoring and a braking system with a large tandem
master cylinder and rear disc brakes. It also features an
adapted rear twist-beam and an upgraded front steering knuckle
for better cornering and improved agility.


Engine Specs and Performance

The biggest difference between the standard Fiesta ST and ST200
is found under the hood. The ST200 is powered by the same
turbocharged 1.6 L 4-cylinder mill that powers the standard
ST.  The engine has been tuned to offer 18 hp and 37 lb-ft
of torque more than the base ST.

The new engine pumps out 212 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. The
automaker also offers an OverBoost function that adds an extra
15 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque on demand for roughly 15 seconds.

Ford has also tuned the final gear ratio to 4.08:1 instead of
3.82:1 on the standard Fiesta ST.  Performance figures are
not yet out. Ford claims that the ST200 hatch has a top speed
of 143 mph which represents 13 mph more compared to the base
ST.  The hatch is also estimated to accelerate from
standstill to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds. Be sure to come back for
more updates on the Fiesta ST200.

Price and release date

The American automaker was tight lipped about the 2017 Ford
Fiesta ST200 price saying official prices will be released
close to its release date in the second half of 2016.  The
ST200 will be more expensive than the current ST which has an
MSRP of $ 20,970. Expect a starting price of around $ 25,000
for the ST200.