2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept

During the recently concluded New York Auto Show, Lincoln
surprised everyone by doing the unthinkable. I mean who would
expect a fully fledged SUV to carry gull wings. Ok, I can live
with the entryway steps but the gull-wing doors just don’t fit
in. As if that was not enough, Lincoln went a step further and
used Mathew Mc Conaughey, the Academy Award-winning actor to
unveil the SUV shocker.

Designers take advantage of concepts to showcase their artistic
creativity. In this case, David Woodhouse explained that the
idea behind the gull wing doors and the teakwood steps was to
give a clearer view of its big interior. Enthusiasts should not
be too excited as these two features are just for the show.

After going through a rather trying time, Lincoln is slowly but
steadily rising up once more to take its rightful place in the
echelons of the automotive world. The Navigator is Lincoln’s
most successful model and as such will play a huge role towards
achieving this objective. Despite going overboard with the
steps and doors, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept gives us a
strong indication as to what the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will
look like. Continue reading to find out more about this
nautical themed SUV:


2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Exterior

Forget about the gull wing doors and teakwood steps since when
it comes out in 2018, the production model will feature
conventional doors. The exterior will be almost similar to the
outgoing model. The body will, however, be based on a new
platform believed to be similar to the one that underpins the
current Ford F-150. This platform will use a good combination
of both steel and aluminum. This combination will lead to a
significant reduction in weight leading to an improved
performance and a better fuel economy for the SUV.


The front is where the Navigator receives a considerable
redesign compared to the outgoing model. It features a modified
grille flanked by redesigned LED headlights and LED DRLs. The
bumper has also been remodeled and is integrated with LED fog
lights to aid in poorly illuminated terrains.  The vehicle
will carry the “NAVIGATOR” lettering over its fender vents.

The automaker retains the other features of the outgoing model
resulting which retain its largely clean look which offers a
different kind of beauty than most SUVs according to the
company’s Chairman. Unlike other SUVs, the Navigator offers a
type of beauty the automaker terms as “silent”. It is stylishly
clean, elegant and fancy but lacks the aggressiveness we are
familiar with in SUVs.


2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Interior

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept was designed with a spacious
interior. The Concept features only 6 leather wrapped seats
that are 30-way power adjustable. However, Woodhouse was quick
to point out that the production model will feature three rows
and will accommodate up to 8 passengers. The vehicle is roomy
and offers plenty of headroom and legroom for all passengers.
The cabin is designed with a blue theme.


The vehicle’s instrument panel stretches the whole width of the
vehicle. The concept features not one or two entertainment
displays but a whole seven of them.  The driver gets a
huge screen in front. Each seat gets a tablet-like screen to
provide entertainment to rear passengers. These screens will be
used to stream music, movies and to play games.
Lincoln has also added some new technologies in the cabin. They
include a 360-degree camera, lane keep assist, blind-spot
monitoring, parking assist, pre-collision and brake assist with
pedestrian detection.

Expect much more styling cues when the production model hits
the streets next year as it s customary for automakers to
withhold many interior styling cues when showcasing Concepts.



Engine Specs

Most automakers usually hide drive-train details during
exhibition of Concept models. Similarly, Lincoln remained
tightlipped about the mill powering the Navigator. However, the
company’s chairman Galhotra quipped that the model will be
powered by a 3.5 L V-6 mill just like the one on the current

However, the engine will be tuned to produce over 400 horses up
from the current 380 horses. Due to the use of lightweight
materials, the model will have a better fuel economy compared
to the current model’s 18 mpg EPA rating on combined drives.
Other performance details were not available.


Price and release date

Since it is just a concept, we did not expect the automaker to
announce any official prices. According to rumors, the
production model will be released to dealerships in the second
half of next year. Make sure to come back for more updates on
this model.



The biggest competitor of the Navigator is the Cadillac
Escalade. The SUV will also face more competition from
other large SUVs like the Ford
Expedition, Infiniti
QX80 and Nissan