2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

After months of endless rumors, we have finally spotted the
2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 making test runs. However, the
sports car was under heavy camouflage. Since the C7 was
delivered to dealerships in 2013, enthusiasts have been eagerly
waiting for the automaker to offer the range-topping ZR1 which
was conspicuously missing from the lineup.

At one time in the recent past, GM had said the model would not
be produced so the photos of the model doing testing runs are
quite a surprise to enthusiasts. According to credible sources,
the high-performing Corvette is slotted for 2017 as a 2018
model car. Read along to find out more:


2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Exterior

As you can see from the photos, the model we captured making
test runs was under heavy camouflage. However, we can still see
some special features that indicate this is a special Corvette.

The most visible features are the huge air vents on each corner
of the front fascia. These intakes means, the model has an
intercooler which further hints at a powerful V-8 under the
hood. Compared to the Z06, the model we captured features a
larger hood bulge which hints at an extra gear.


The other visible features are its blue brake calipers which
were unique features for the previous Corvette ZR1 (I don’t
think this is a mere coincidence). The model also feature
unpainted doors, an indicator the automaker is testing
carbon-fiber components in a bid to keep the ZR1’s weight as
minimum as possible.

The rear features two struts protruding out which hint at a
rear wing. Other surfaces were under heavy camouflage. We will
reveal more information about the ZR1’s exterior styling when
we manage to capture the model with less camouflage.


2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Interior

Little is known about the interior of the 2018 Chevrolet
Corvette ZR1. Our spy photographers have not also managed to
get close enough to take snap shots of its cabin. However, we
believe the ZR1 will be based on the standard C7 Corvette and
the Z06.

However, Chevrolet will add few unique features to set it apart
from the C7 and the Z06. Carbon-fiber will be extensively used
on the cabin to ensure the model’s weight is kept as minimum as
possible.  Among the most probable additions will be a
unique instrument cluster and a new infotainment system
featuring a bespoke menu.


Engine and performance

Chevrolet has not made official announcements of the
drive-train that will power the ZR1. According to rumors, the
sports car will be motivated by a twin-turbocharged V-8 mill.
The engine is believed to be an LT5 which will also power the
upcoming Corvette Zora.  However, other rumors argue that
the automaker will use an

However, other rumors argue that the automaker will use an
intercooled and supercharged LT4 small-block mill with a
displacement of 6.5 liters.  While various factions differ
about the possible engine, they all agree that whatever the
mill chosen, it will produce over 700 horses. Transmission will
likely be done by a 7-speed Tremec transaxle as standard and
GM’s 10-speed automatic transmission system as an option.

The huge power boost will enable the ZR1 to hit 60 mph from
standstill in 2.8 seconds and attain a top speed in excess of
205 mph.

Corvette ZR1 Render

Corvette ZR1 Render

Price and release date

According to credible sources, Chevrolet will showcase the
model at the 2017 North American Motor Show at Detroit in
January. Deliveries to dealerships will follow later during the

The automaker has not announced official prices for the ZR1 but
the model is expected to cost around $110,000 just like the
previous model.



When it comes out, the ZR1 will go one on one with the likes of
911 Turbo,
Acura NSX, Ferrari
488 GTB, Audi R8 V10,
GT-R and the Jaguar
F-type SVR.