Buick Avista Concept

When we talk about sleek and sporty cars, I bet the word Buick
never creeps up. However, the automaker is keen on changing all
that. The automaker has been gradually updating its models and
is slowly getting more people to look their way when shopping
for sleek and sporty automobiles.

In a Sunday event just before advent of the 2016 Detroit Auto
Show, Buick unveiled the new Avista coupe concept. The 2+2
concept doesn’t only propel the brand design language forward
but also revisits the company’s enviable past.


The Avista has evolved from the Avenir concept showcased last
year. Most of the Avista concept design cues are already
featured albeit in muted form on the 2017 LaCrosse. This
elicits the question whether the model will be taken into
production or only its design cues will be integrated on
existing models. If Buick takes this model into production the
way it is then I believe they will have moved from the sleek
and entered into the sexy and seductive world.

Also showcased that day was the new midsize crossover, the
Envision which is built in China but the automaker plans to
ship it to the US sometimes this year.

Buick Avista Concept Exterior

As said earlier, the Buick Avista concept is an evolution of
the Avenir full-size sedan concept which debuted at Detroit
last year. Though the automaker didn’t disclose it, we
understand that the vehicle will ride on GM’s Alpha platform
which is shared by the likes of Cadillac ATS, Chevy
Camaro and Cadillac

Similar to the Avenir,
the Avista features an athletic and swept-back exterior profile
set on rear haunches. The vehicle rides on a 110.7-inch
wheelbase which combines with its 63-inch front and 62.9-inch
rear tracks to create a profile that looks anxious to sprint


Its intent to rush forward is further evidenced by its numerous
body lines that appear to shoot back up over its hood and along
the sides. All the lines appear to have a single origin in
front of the Buick Emblem. At the front, the Avista features
the classic waterfall grille with its unique vertical slats.
The Buick tri-shield badge is mounted on the upper part of the
grille. The grille is flanked by headlights which are pointed
towards the central axis resulting in an intimidating look. The
look is further enhanced by the headlights eyebrows.

Other features include vents similar to those of the Ashton
Martin which are chiseled ahead of each door, steeply raked
taillights and a fender line flowing into its muscular haunch.
Its sporty credentials are further enhanced by its sharp
exhaust outlets. To crown the sexy piece of art is Superior
Blue paintwork.

The vehicle rides on 201-inch wheels which do little to hide
their large brake discs.

Buick Avista Concept Interior

On the inside, the 2+2 cabin layout is accentuated by similar
character lines on the exterior. Light colors and modern
materials such as carbon fiber and stitched leather are used to
craft a modern-age luxury feeling.

Its wave-quilt patterns featured on its seat inserts which fade
away halfway towards its seatbacks adds to the modern luxury
experience. Its center console is dark colored and intersects
with the undersides of its armrests and primary dashboard

The vehicle also features a futuristic Buick’s IntellliLink
infotainment system featuring touch-screen controls that
stretch over a large instrument panel. The cabin also features
Next-gen Quiet Tuning noise reduction, air quality control and
a 3-D printed trim.


Engine Specs

Under the hood, the Buick Avista Concept promises to be a real
badass. The coupe concept is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0 L, V-6
engine which promises to produce a whopping 400 horses.

The engine is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission
system that sends power to the rear wheels. If the model
reaches production, it will be the first Buick model since the
Rainer SUV to feature RWD. To increase its fuel efficiency,
Buick has hooked up the engine with an Active Fuel Management
commonly known as cylinder deactivation system as well as a
Stop/Stop function.

The vehicle’s handling characteristics are enhanced by addition
of a Ride Control suspension that features in a number of other
GM vehicles.


Release date

It is not clear if the Buick Avista will make it into
production but we really hope it does. Keep coming back for
more updates.