Genesis Vision G concept

Hyundai followed up the Hyundai HCD-16 Vision G Coupe Concept
with an updated version dubbed the ‘Genesis G concept”. We
believe the new concept previews a future Genesis Coupe. Peter
Scheyer, the automaker’s design chief revealed that the Vision
G concept is meant to refocus Kia approach to making luxury
automobiles. The automaker aims to balance design and
performance such that you are not needlessly overcharged for
stereotypical styling cues.

Hyundai goes on to claim that the Genesis Vision G concept is
an inspiration for its future premium models that will offer an
excellent combination of luxury, performance, style and value
which is Hyundai’s main selling point. In its current form, the
concept is not ready for production and the automaker will have
to modify most of its design cues to make it production ready.


Genesis Vision G concept Exterior

The exterior of the 2016 Genesis Vision G concept is bold and
brash.  The concept features an exterior profile
characterized with a long hood and a high beltline. At the
front, the concept features a gigantic front grille flanked by
headlights which have a swooping back design.

At the rear, the concept features an integrated spoiler on the
trunk, stylish taillights and dual exhaust pipes. The concept
has some odd features such as its door handles which are not
even placed on the doors.  The concept features automatic
doors that are opened by pushing handle-like knobs which are
located on the body panel behind the doors. This feature is
innovative but it begs the question, why designs a door handle
if it is not going to be on the door in the first place.


Genesis Vision G concept Interior

The interior of the Vision G concept is very luxurious. It
features diamond- quilted leather upholstery on its seats as
well as complementing wood accents. At the center of the
dashboard, the automaker has mounted a large LCD screen which
is used to control its infotainment system.


The concept also features a clear digital gauge cluster. Its
clean layout helps make the interior more mature and gives it a
distinctive class. The vehicle’ shifter, dashboard and steering
wheel are also wrapped in leather. Other features include a
3-spoke steering wheel and a premium Lexicon sound system.


Engine Specs

The new Genesis Vision G will share its drive-train with the
2017 Hyundai Equus which is the same engine on the 2015 Hyundai
Genesis. The engine is a 5.0 L, Tau V-8 which comes good with
420 hp at 6,000 rpm and 383 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm. This
engine has been featured on the Ward’s Ten Best Engines list
for a third time now.

The engine features a high-pressure direct injection which
results in impressive output, low carbon emission and excellent
efficiency. The new engine features an optimized intake runner
length and an enhanced timing chain which reduces friction and

It also features increased compression ratio, updated
multiple-injection and low-torque exhaust manifold. When they
are combined, these features help produce a flatter torque
curve at a lower rpm which translates to better driving



The concept was first unveiled at the Monterey Car Week. During
its unveiling, the concept caused quite a stir with its
athletic and posh exterior profile.  In general, Hyundai
really needs a halo car and the Genesis Vision G concept is a
preview of how that car will look like.