Hennessey Venom GT

To some automakers, the strategy revolves around producing the
most economical cars, to others it is about making the model as
luxurious as possible while others strive to strike a balance
of all features.

However, at Hennessey, Luxury and price doesn’t matter, well
maybe just a little bit; here it is all about speed and a great
deal of it for that matter.  According to the Company’s
founder and president, John Hennessey, the company’s intent is
to keep the Venom as the best performing and fastest production
hypercar on mother earth and boy they are serious about it as
evidenced by the upcoming Venom GT set to become the fastest
car in the world taking the crown from Bugatti Veyron. What
sounds even crazier is the fact that the GT will serve as a
curtain raiser for the faster
Venom F5 which will be offered later on.

When it comes out, the Venom GT will shed cold chills to almost
every supercar around. The likes of the hellcat and Shelby
Super Snake cannot even raise their voices when the Venom GT is


Hennessey Venom GT Exterior

The exterior comes unchanged from last year’s model. Not even
has the automaker touched its bumper. The bright-yellow paint
job and a touch of black stripe running from the nose to the
rear wing, passing across the center of the hood on its way are
the only new additions. This is not bad since the Venom GT’s
body can be termed as ideal.


The body is stable and highly aerodynamic and after all it
wouldn’t make any sense for the company to alter the car’s
design. Though the show car was painted in yellow, the Venom GT
can be ordered in different exterior colors.

2011 Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT Interior

The interior styling is still a mystery. But most likely it
will be identical to the outgoing model. The cabin just like
the exterior is based on the Lotus Exige.  Its door
panels, instruments cluster and dashboard are almost identical
to those of the Lotus Exige.


The cabin will however receive some Hennessey crafting which
include  a carpeted floor, leather upholstery with
contrasting stitching, a race-specified steering wheel wrapped
in Alcantara, door panels with carbon fiber inserts and softer
finishes on the upper dash.  The seats are also modified
and for safety, the vehicle comes with a roll cage.


Engine Specs and Performance

In its maiden debut in 2011, the Hennessey Venom GT spitted
between 725 and 1200 horses. But for a company possessed by
being at the top of supercars business, that was enough.

The Venom still comes with the 7.0 L, V-8. The engine is mated
to 6-speed manual transmission system that sends power to the
rear wheels only. To pump more power, the designers have
increased its turbocharger boost pressure to 26 psi from 19
psi. To make this possible, the engine has been upgraded to run
on E85 fuel. This has enabled the engine to add an extra 251 hp
to take the total output to 1,451 horses.

This power will enable the vehicle to dash from 0-60 mph in 2.4
seconds from 2.7 seconds in the previous model. The car will do
a quarter of a mile in 9.4 seconds while the top speed is
expected to exceed 280 mph. Simply put, in an open highway, it
takes seconds for the car to disappear from one horizon to the
other and if you are with your buddies and one is not focused
on the road for a couple of seconds, chances are he will not
see the vehicle and will be left claiming you are all lying to


I mean, that just how fast this car is…and to play with your
mind, the Venom F5 which the automaker had been teasing before
the GT’s debut at SEMA will be even faster. To keep things
under check, the vehicle has been equipped with a GPS-based
traction control system and Sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Price and release date

As you might have already figured out, such speed comes with a
high price tag. Though Hennessey has not revealed the price of
the upcoming Venom GT, we are sure it will be in excess of $
1million. Only a handful of the models will be produced and it
is very likely that all models have already sold out. The Venom
GT will be released early next year.



Speed and performance does not only matter to Hennessey, though
the Venom GT beats the Bugatti
Veyron’s 267.7 mph, Bugatti is not asleep. The automaker is
working on another model dubbed the Bugatti
Chiron which will arrive in 2017. The Chiron will have the
task to make Bugatti the world’s fastest car producer again.

Koenigsegg One: 1 also has a point to prove with its
claimed 273 mph top speed and 2.5 seconds dash from 0-60 mph.