Professor of Visual Communication


3307 3rd Ave West
Seattle WA 98119-1997


The majority of work represented on this site is student work. Some pieces were made by students while under various internships and/or employment.

Our goal is to help shape students into good designers and strong leaders.

The Visual Communication Design Program at Seattle Pacific University is unique in its aim to create both producers and leaders in the field of design. We have worked hard to develop a curriculum that's foundation embraces the spirit of a liberal arts education while crafting experts in the discipline of visual communication. Some of the areas of expertise covered in our curriculum include studies in typography, visual methods, concept development, brand systems, information design, new media and exhibition design.

When students graduate from this program they will have been exposed to critical discourse in the design industry to include form building, critical theories and a variety of media executions. Our graduates are articulately versed in historical, and theoretical applications associated to the profession of visual communications enabling them to take on appropriate professional roles in the design industry.

We are excited to see that graduates from this program are well informed in industry standards in good order to contribute to the future discourse of the design industry. We have confidence in their ability to exhibit leadership skills of value and respect.